Emily Carr’s 5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Skin

There’s no doubt about it, the holiday travel season is a perfect storm of punishment for your skin. If you’re flying anywhere you’ve got dry, dirty airplane air to contend with. Then you’ve got cold weather and frigid wind in most of the country. Add to that suboptimal eating, lack of sleep, and holiday gatherings with alcohol…and it’s no wonder that many of us feel like we age a decade between every Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Even worse, we can see it on our faces with puffy skin, tired eyes, dark circles and more.

Fortunately, PUR-FORM’s own Emily Carr has 5 tips you can use to go on offense and keep your skin looking great through travel, office parties, family gatherings and whatever else comes your way:

  1. Prioritize Clean Skin

When we fly, we’re stuck in a metal tube of dry air with a hundred other strangers. Not only are we breathing in low-quality air, but that same air is often poorly circulated, which can create clogged pores and excess grease on your skin. The longer your pores are clogged, the bigger the chance for breakouts. To avoid this, we recommend washing your face as soon as you can when you get off the plane. This will not only help you feel refreshed, it’ll also clear out any unwanted gunk accumulated on your skin during the flight.

  1. Hydrate Your Body

When your body is dehydrated your skin suffers. Dehydration can cause cracked skin, a mottled appearance, uneven coloring, and the loss of a fresh, clean look. Of course, flying and traveling are naturally going to cause physical dehydration. For that reason, make sure you drink at least 12 ounces of water (or your favorite electrolyte mix) for every hour you’re in flight. This will help prevent your body from being dehydrated…and having it show on your face.

  1. Hydrate Your Face Directly

For all of the above reasons, you’ll want to make sure you’re also hydrating your face directly. This can come in two forms. The first is to pack a hydrating mask to lay on your face after traveling. There are many brands of these masks, but they’re essentially a sheet of wet rice paper with holes for your eyes and nose. They’re single-use and may have vitamins or lotions in them to help hydrate your skin after a flight.

  1. Use a Hydrating Lotion or Serum

The second way to hydrate your face is to make sure that after you’ve cleaned your skin, you apply a hydrating moisturizer to seal your skin and lock in moisture. These lotions often have vitamin E, vitamin C, aloe or a variety of other vitamins, minerals and supplements to help your skin. Just make sure the lotion you choose is non-comedogenic. And bonus points if you use a lotion with a hyaluronic acid serum or just the serum itself. We find those to be highly effective.

  1. Limit Alcohol

We know, we know. It’s the holidays. Everyone is getting together to enjoy good times and that often includes drinks. Just remember, alcohol is a skin killer. It dehydrates you, ruins your sleep and can often make you look tired the next day. Choose wisely!


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