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Joint Jelly

Joint Jelly is a propriety process that we have been working upon at our clinic. We have trademarked the name and are patenting the process. We have taken aspects of aesthetics and orthopedics and combined them to make gelatinous mixture of specific components of the plasma with components of collagen and we are tailoring it with various growth factors. All these processes have been done previously but they have not been put together. The more incredible fact is that the basis of the jelly was from a component that we were throwing away. One component of a Platelet Rich Plasma product is the platelet poor plasma. For years we have been throwing away the platelet poor plasma (PPP). We have now discovered a method of converting the PPP into a Jelly form. We think that this will revolutionize many different regenerative medicine treatments. What we a trying to accomplish is to create a substance similar substance to Warton’s Jelly. Warton’s jelly is found in placenta tissue. It is rich in hyaluronic acid, growth factors, and certain stem cells. I am working with a company which shall remain nameless on utilizing Warton’s jelly for orthopedic conditions. Currently we are designing a study which we will shortly submit for approval to an institutional review board. Once that is done we can hopefully commence with a study utilizing Warton’s Jelly. The Warton’s jelly seems to have most everything we need to accomplish orthopedic regeneration. It provides a scaffold, growth factors, collagen and other important components. This may bring the science to an exciting new level.


Getting back to Joint Jelly. We have converted the PPP into a jelly form by a proprietary process. This jelly seems to make an excellent scaffold. One the the problems facing us in regenerative orthopedics is a good scaffold. We need something which will temporarily fill in the gaps and allow the cells adhere to them and help accomplish repair. By the same token we need something that is biodegradable. Joint Jelly seem to fit these characteristics. We also need a scaffold that is relatively inexpensive and most importantly should be bio compatible. Again Joint Jelly fits these criteria very well.


Another idea taken from nature is to have thee scaffold contain growth factors that nudge along the stem cells to do their work. Remember that the growth factors are the intercellular communication system of the body. They allow one cell to communicate with other cells and give certain commands to accomplish repair. By treating the Jelly with certain growth factors we feel we might be giving a boost to the command to initiate repair. There are a few other tricks that we will utilize with the Joint Jelly to bring us to the stage we want to be at. I am certain we will have more to present as time goes on. Thanks Dr. P


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