What To Look For In An Aesthetic Injector

Our face is important to us. It is how we show emotion, how we connect and how we present ourselves to the world. Before going forward with any aesthetic treatment for the face, consider looking for the following criteria in the provider.


Authenticity is a trait that is invaluable in the field of aesthetic medicine. When you are looking for a provider to complete your medical aesthetic services, look for someone who is both authentic and their character, their demeanor, as well as their appearance. It may seem shallow to judge people by their appearance, but if you see an aesthetic injector that is over injected and looks unnatural, that is likely their perception of beauty and what they are trying to recreate in patients. Take the time and visit as many locations as needed in order to find the right fit for you.


During your search for a medical provider for your aesthetic procedures, be sure and bring a list of questions that you have. It’s important to choose an aesthetic injector who provides patient education on what is contributing to the aging process or what to expect before, during and after the procedures to make the patient feel comfortable and to foster trust between patient and practitioner. A good aesthetic injector takes the time to educate you and will not feel burdened by your questions and will take the time to listen intently to your concerns, goals, and questions. It is only through this collaboration between patient and provider the optimal result can be achieved for the patient.

Technique & Skill level

While it is difficult to know and aesthetic injectors technique prior to undergoing a procedure, technique is a key component to ensure that your injector has the appropriate skill level and training to be injecting medical aesthetic products and your performing procedures. It is always a good idea to ask for some before and after of patients they’ve treated so you can get an understanding of the look they create. Don’t be afraid to ask the practitioner’s background in aesthetic medicine, what state medical license they have,  or what they did prior to aesthetic medicine to get a better understanding of their skill level. It is a good rule of thumb to choose someone who is either an MD, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner with at least 2 years of aesthetic injector experience.

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