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Very Small Embryonic Like Regenerative Cells

VSELs Treatment Therapy

What You Need to Know About VSEL Regenerative Cells

VSEL is a simple acronym with life-changing implications! It describes a type of cell that can have enormous positive health benefits for millions of people when used as part of a regenerative medicine program.

What Are VSELs?

VSELs stands for Very Small Embryonic-Like Regenerative Cells, and are also known as "V-cells.”

Very Small Embryonic Like Regenerative cells (VSELs) are the cutting edge in regenerative cell therapy. These cells are found in everyone, but what makes these cells unique is their pluripotency. This means that they can form into almost any other type of cell in your body.

Since their discovery in humans in 2006, VSELs have been widely studied due to their “embryonic-like” features. This means they are able to replicate and multiply freely and can become any other cells in the human body.

Unlike embryonic regenerative cells, however, they do not have known cancer-causing properties. Also, they are found in infants, children and adults, rather than embryos. As such, they present an ethical and potentially safer alternative to embryonic regenerative cells.

PUR-FORM by The Institute’s VSEL Treatment Protocol

  1. A sample of blood or bone marrow is collected.
  2. VSELs are separated from other cells using state-of-the-art cellular processing technology.
  3. Once isolated, the VSELs are exposed to very cold temperatures simulating hypothermia, which is known to activate VSELs.
  4. Finally, we combine the VSELs with powerful growth factors harvested from your own blood or bone marrow sample.
  5. The active VSELs are now returned to your body via IV.

Once in your blood-stream, the VSELs will go to work immediately, seeking out areas of inflammation and injury. Patients report seeing and feeling the positive effects of their treatment anywhere from 2 days to 6 months post treatment.

What Do VSELs Do?

In short, VSELs have been shown to have extremely powerful healing qualities and have shown promise in dealing with autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis, among others.

VSELs are also being used in the treatment of osteoporosis, which can be considered an autoimmune disease, as well as various other musculoskeletal conditions.

How Do VSELs Work?

VSELs secrete telomerase, which is the enzyme that restores the DNA telomere ends. Telomeres can be thought of as the aging clock in every cell. By restoring telomeres, an anti-aging effect can be created. The result has been described by some patients as feeling like “a shot of youth to the system.”

What Are The Expected Results of VSEL Treatment?

Patient results vary drastically with VSELs, as everyone has unique causes of inflammation within the body. A few common results we hear from patients are decreased joint pain, increased energy, improved metabolic function, and improved cognitive function.

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