A woman is drinking water from a bottle.

2 Mid-Round Golf Hydration Hacks

Tart Cherry Juice

Consider tart cherry juice your new secret weapon. It has long been the stealth drink of choice for many strength and conditioning coaches around the country and it’ll soon be yours. It is loaded with antioxidants as well as minerals that may improve your recovery, boost immunity and more. Also, they’re delicious and…tart. The perfect change of pace from your mid-round ice water, soda or beer.

Electrolyte Packets

Replacing electrolytes in athletes is a billion dollar business. From Gatorade to Powerade to Body Armor, these drinks have been designed to stave off hydration from increased sweating during exercise or outdoor activities. While you can always feel free to grab one of those name-brand drinks, many elite athletes and endurance athletes instead opt for electrolyte packets that are lower in sugar. These packets can be added to any cup or bottle of water you have on the course. They’re delicious, deliver electrolytes when you need them most and fit right into one of the side zippers on your golf bag! Our top clean choice for delivering fast hydration to your body is LMNT, seconded by Liquid IV. Happy hydrating!


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