3 Secrets To Energy-Producing Sleep

1) Fall Asleep Fast

One of the most common reasons for a poor night’s sleep is the inability to fall asleep in the first place. You toss. You turn. You close your eyes. Nothing happens. Chances are you’re doing one or several of the following: watching TV in bed, scrolling on your phone in bed, consuming caffeine after 2pm, eating a high sugar snack or fat-laden meal before bed… How many of these habits have you picked up? One? All four? Each of them can individually sabotage the ability to fall asleep fast. If you do them all collectively, you’ve got no chance. So how do you fall asleep fast? Set the tone for yourself with the following checklist:

  • No screen time or blue light within an hour of bedtime
  • No caffeine after lunch
  • No eating within two hours of bedtime

2) Prime Your Brain

Modern television shows are made for their binge-ability. They’re specifically designed to excite you and then leave you wanting more at the end of every episode. And yet, you watch three episodes of your favorite Netflix show before bed and wonder why you can’t sleep? Instead of watching TV (adrenaline, noise, bright lights, etc…) try reading some quality fiction in the dark with just a book light… The lower light, quiet and need for your brain to focus will tire you out, priming your mind to drift off to sleep.

3) Tire Yourself Out AKA Exercise Every Day

Did you sit all day? Did you go from your bed to your car to your office then to your car and your couch and back to your bed again? If that sounds like a typical day to you, then your sedentary lifestyle is killing your sleep and energy levels. If you’re not exercising your heart and your muscles with cardio or strength training, you may not be falling asleep because of a simple reason: your body has energy to burn and nowhere to go. Humans were built to MOVE. If you’re lying in bed at night and you’ve only walked 500 steps and sat 10 hours a day, think about this: what have you done to make you physically tired? Exactly.


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