4 Morning Habits to Supercharge Your Mind

Having a powerful morning routine may seem like common sense, but too often we start our days on defense and never recover. The alarm goes off, we get up and we’re groggy. We procrastinate getting out of bed. Then we’re late. Then we rush. So, we eat something quick and unhealthy (hello bagels and sugary pseudo breakfast bars). Then we knock back a coffee filled with cream and more sugar and then we get in the car and head off to an appointment or a job or whatever we have scheduled.

Does some of this sound normal to you? All of it?

Unfortunately, nearly every part of the above sample morning is a disaster long-term for your health, for anti-aging, for longevity and for mental energy.

Here are 4 new habits you can use to brighten your brain for the day:


A non-scientific, non-studied rule of thumb goes like this: every hour you sleep before midnight is equal to two hours after midnight. While this is not an official math equation, thousands of years of anecdotal evidence back it up… From the “early to bed, early to rise” adage on up to the modern day. The truth is most people’s natural circadian rhythms begin to send us signals to go to bed around 9pm… Obviously this can vary widely, but one thing is for sure: watching TV until midnight is a terrible way to prime yourself for the next day. Want to feel fresh in the morning? Hit the pillow by 9:30 PM the night before and watch what happens.


Sunlight signals your body that it’s time to get up and move. It signals your hormones and your brain to get rolling. To prime. To be prepared for action. It’s the ultimate natural brain booster. Yet far too many of us spend little or no time outside in the sun when we wake up. That is a huge mistake. One of the fastest ways to not feel sluggish in the morning is to immediately take a walk outside. Fresh air, plus sunlight (even if it’s cloudy), plus movement will do more for you than any cup of coffee will.


Do you know what makes you feel tired? Dehydration. Do you know what slows down brain function and your mental horsepower? Dehydration. Do you know when your body is likely dehydrated? First thing in the morning when you wake up.

And yet…

So many people reach for coffee first thing. Or worse, a sugary juice. Tomorrow morning, within five minutes of waking, drink 20 ounces of ice cold water. That’s it. Don’t have anything else to drink and you’ll see how quickly you feel your brain soak it in and wake up.

  1. SWEAT

Here’s a fact: it’s hard to feel tired if your adrenaline is pumping. But too many of us put off exercising until late in the day – if at all. What if there was a natural way to flood yourself with endorphins, to boost your brain power and maximize your energy to start the day? Good news. There is. And it’s free! Doesn’t matter what age you are or what shape you’re in… If you build interval training into your morning routine… Even 20 minute intervals of fast walking for 30 seconds and slow walking for 30 seconds, you will see tremendous results in your mind and your overall morning mood will improve.


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