Regenerative Medicine

5 Benefits of Regenerative Medicine Over Surgery

Nobody likes surgery. It’s expensive. It’s disruptive. It can have tremendous risks and side effects. And none of this is to mention the long road to recovery often involved with even minor procedures. While we acknowledge that with certain injuries or medical issues surgery is unavoidable, there are many instances where regenerative medicine may be a better alternative. Here are the top five reasons why:

  1. Avoid Surgery

It goes without saying that the number one reason to avoid surgery is to avoid the complications that may arise from the surgery. Joint replacements. Shoulder, knee and hip pain. All of these surgeries carry risk. Cell-based orthopedic treatments can potentially help patients avoid invasive and intense surgeries.

  1. Lower Risk of Complications

Since a patient’s own cells are used for regenerative cell procedures they are extremely low risk compared to traditional surgery. Another huge bonus is that there is no need for general anesthesia to be used during the procedure. In itself, this removes a large part of the risk when treating chronic pain.

  1. Chronic Pain Relief

There are four ways that regenerative medicine can provide relief from chronic pain:

  • Healing damaged tissue
  • Building new tissue
  • Preventing scar tissue
  • Reducing inflammation
  1. Fast Recovery

We’ve talked about the lengthy recovery time associated with traditional surgery. With regenerative medicine procedures, patients are able to avoid the lengthy periods of downtime and painful rehabilitation that typically follow invasive surgeries.

When it comes to athletes and even weekend warriors, this is critical. It means less time on the sidelines of your favorite activity. Regenerative medicine patients are encouraged to move around as much as they comfortably can following the procedure and start physical therapy just a couple of days afterward.

  1. Ongoing Healing

Most people don’t know that with a regenerative medicine procedure, the healing continues for weeks and months after the procedure as the regenerative cells work to repair the damaged areas and improve the health of the tissues and bone.

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