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Artho-Lavage Part II

A few months ago I wrote about a revolutionary new technique that we developed at our center. We called this Artho-Lavage. Please refer to my initial blog concerning lavage. The word Artho-Lavage has both Greek and French origins. Artho is a Greek derived word which means joint. Lavage is a French derived word which means to wash or clean. So essentially we have a cleansing of the joint. I know a number of copycats physicians out there will try to do the same but good luck! They may be able to “wash” the joint out. However, they will not be able to decipher which growth factors were utilized to disable the “bad’ growth factors in the joint. Even if they were to get the list of ingredients it is a proprietary blend. It is not only what they are but also very specific ratios. We will probably make this blend available to certain select doctors in the future.

The other intriguing aspect of what we have accomplished is the production of Lubricin. This happened serendipitously. We noticed that the fluid in the lavage seemed to have a property that a it had a lubricant in it. This confirmed what the patients have been saying. Not only is their pain much better but their knee feels much looser and they do not get a grinding sensation. The results were as if we injected the knee with a type of hyaluronic acid.

The results we have have obtained have been excellent. This process has worked on every patient. We find after lavage essentially every patient has relief of pain. The lavage period is usually between 5 and 10 minutes. The fluid is than removed.   A few weeks ago I was helping to teach a course in Campinas, Brazil with my good friend Dr. Lana. I hold Dr. Lana in the highest esteem for his knowledge of musculoskeletal regenerative medicine. Before I left Brazil I gave Dr. Lana some of the mixture to perform the Artho-Lavage. Dr. Lana than did some interesting work. He looked at patients before the lavage and after the lavage. He studied these patients with a technique called thermograms. Thermograms look for changes in the heat pattern of the body. Typically the more inflamed the area the more intense the color. Reds and oranges will represent areas of intense inflammation. It is very similar to looking at thunder storms on weather radar. The more intense the red or yellow color the stronger the storm or in this case inflammation is.

Thermogram of knees

The above picture, we see a thermogram of a knees. We can tell from these pictures that knees are very inflamed do to the preponderance of yellows and reds. This would typically be a patient who is symptomatic do to the arthritis of his knees. What was done was an Artho-Lavage. The following pictures are post lavage.


The two above pictures represent thermograms that were performed in the same knees post lavage.   We have replaced the reds and yellows (representing inflammation) with blues and greens. The inflammation has been dramatically reduce. With the reduction in inflammation there is a dramatic reduction in pain. This is fairly good evidence of the effectiveness of Artho-Lavage.

By significantly reducing the inflammation we have achieved a few goals. We have made the stem cell environment (niche) much more friendly to the stem cells and hopefully have dramatically increased their survival. So far our results are extremely positive. Time will tell but we have made this part of our standard protocol. Our next goal is to achieve the same results with tendons. That seems to be just around the corner. Thanks Dr. P


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