Biohacking with Ben Greenfield

If you haven’t heard of self-proclaimed biohacker Ben Greenfield just wait. The man is into everything. In no short order he is a former collegiate tennis, water polo and volleyball player, bodybuilder, 13-time Ironman triathlete and professional obstacle course racer. Oh yeah, he’s also written 17 books, including the bestsellers Endure, Fit Soul, Beyond Training, Boundless and more.

Greenfield also has over 300k followers on Instagram and is a coach, speaker, trainer and advisor to some of the highest power people and fitness brands in the world.

The reason we’re highlighting Ben is for his adherence to functional health and fitness. His approach to optimizing the human body blends the newest anti-aging science, longevity studies, mental tactics, psychological tuning and spiritual guidance.

He’s even spoken as the keynote speaker at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Academy of Regenerative Practices.

Since we’re wrapping up our “Strongest You Ever” month, here are 4 important anti-aging benefits of building muscle by Greenfield from one of his newest posts, titled, “The Best Workouts, Biohacks & Supplements For Muscle Gain, Muscle Recovery, Muscle Maintenance & More!

4 Anti-Aging Benefits of Building Muscle from Ben Greenfield:

  • Bigger muscles aren’t necessarily better. You want lean, wiry, explosive muscles capable of exerting enormous amounts of force relative to their size.
  • You can achieve this type of muscle with as little as two strength workouts per week, one super-slow lifting workout, and one explosive 7-minute bodyweight workout.
  • Weightlifting and load-bearing workouts not only build muscle, but also improve insulin resistance and fat metabolism, and reduce the effects of aging on mitochondria and your telomeres.
  • You can build muscle and strength with just bodyweight workouts.

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