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Biomedical Advanced Profiling (Bmap)….. A Quantum Leap In Regenerative Medicine

We continue to make significant progress on looking at medical problems on a much more basic level. By studying these problems in their origin we can many times eliminate problems before they manifest their ugly head. BMAP is leading-edge biochemical profiling that allows us to discover these problems and subsequently treat them. It will forever change the face of regenerative medicine. BMAP is a unique test that detects trace toxins that have settled in the body. These micro-toxins come from pollutants in food, water and the environment. Their accumulation can cause organ and system dysfunction, food intolerances, behavior problems, dermatoses, allergies, immune deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances. Manifestation of non-specific symptoms such as: digestive problems, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, rashes, arthritis, hyperactivity and more may result.

BMAP is a chemical analysis that uses bio-assay techniques to raise markers for an array of biochemical metabolites. This yields the biochemical portrait specific to the patient and indicates the metabolic profile, from which a tailored treatment plan can be created. The hallmark of this tailored treatment plan is the use of cytokines which are growth factors found in the body. Most medical treatments are tailored to the masses. While this is not a horrible thing it is just plain old fashion.

BMAP is like no other biological test available today. It is a non-invasive way of discovering the individual’s biological, metabolic and biochemical profile: a picture of their state of health from the inside out! With BMAP’s new technology, hyper or hypo expressed immune factors (also known as cytokines ) and hormones are available giving BMAP greater diagnostic reach.


Vitamins, homeopathies and herbals can be catalysts which push dysfunctional biochemical reactions one way, or cause reactions with other similar substances rendering a toxic soup which saps energy and damages the metabolism in the long run. Conventional wisdom taught us that these vitamins and herbals were necessary yet they may do more harm than good in certain situations.
Even food combinations can cause havoc to the metabolism and end up as food intolerances or allergies, fatigue, headache, skin conditions, intestinal inflammation and joint pain. Pollutants and contaminants in our food and environment accumulate and cause endocrine dysfunction which affects hormone levels and causes many non-specific symptoms like fatigue, bloating headache, palpitations, hypoglycemia, moodiness. These hormonal shifts are subtle and actually do not show up in normal blood tests until the endocrine dysfunction is out of control. BMAP hair analysis can help to discover these shifts before they get out of hand
It is important to understand that food and natural products like herbals and homeopathies are not neutral. Everything we put into our bodies reacts and generates biochemical by-products which are sometimes incompatible with other substances consumed, or carry micro-toxins like pollutants that accumulate. Also realize that when we take certain supplements these will compete with certain cytokine pathways actually interfering with the body’s ability to heal itself. BMAP hair analysis can help to discover these shifts before they get out of hand.


Micro-toxic profile of affected organs, systems and tissues, embedded residues from environment, food or stress.
Food Intolerances: food intolerances are not allergies, but in a sense, they are more pernicious as they cause subtle reactions that, over time, are cumulative and alter organ function and can result in chronic problems. Certain combinations of nutraceuticals and foods or medicines can also cause disease states and acute and chronic problems. Degenerative tissue markers and inflammatory and metabolic markers.
BMAP as a Diagnostic Aid: BMAP can reveal biological and biochemical indicators for certain diseases and ailments, providing subsequent treatment plans for physicians. The results of the test are interpreted by the esteemed Dr Serrentino who developed BMAP and has mapped thousands of biological markers over her 30 years in research. Dr. Serrentino is considered one of the world’s leading experts in cytokine therapy. Biologicals such as used in Cytokine Therapy are then suggested to reprogram the faulty biochemical profile. BMAP results include suggested protocols that use mostly Cytokine Therapy that is given in compounding format . Vitamins and nutraceuticals and food suggestions may also be included.
A hair sample comes from the head. A half inch or about 10 hairs cut from the tip of the hair is all that is needed. Any hair, even treated hair can be processed. Some send in roots, but this not required. A questionnaire must be carefully answered: any accompanying documents such as recent medical tests are also useful to include. A hair sample from the head is sufficient. In general, most patients see flagrant results because of the nuances that BMAP picks up in the components they put into their body… this is what makes a big difference in treatment success. CYTOKINES ARE ONE OF THE CENTERPIECES OF TREATMENT: The cytokines are one the centerpiece of BMAP therapy. Cytokine therapy is very important in different regenerative stem cell procedures. Cytokines are the body’s communication system. They are growth factors that direct cells to initiate repair of injuries and the ravages of aging. One concept of aging is that the amount of damage begins to exceed the amount of repair. Essentially every medical condition results from an imbalance of the cytokines. These diseases include among other things heart disease, pulmonary disease, cancer and the list goes on and on. Our practice has utilized cytokines for a number of years with excellent results. We feel this is one of many aspects that separates our clinics from the pack. There are instances where the regenerative stem cells and other cells simply do not have the firepower to overcome certain bad growth factors. Some of the major bad guys include Interleukin-1, Interleukin-6, and Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF). These three culprits are responsible for much of the pain associated with osteoarthritis. These hoodlum cytokines cause far more than the symptoms of osteoarthritis. They rear their ugly side in many chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer just to mention a few. They are responsible for chronic inflammation and all of its associated baggage such as autoimmune diseases. These are some of the main “bad” cytokines. They are considered catabolic cytokines. Things that are catabolic typically destroy and break down tissue. While the “good” cytokines are anabolic meaning they help to build up tissue. The concept seems fairly simple; have the “good guys” overpower the “bad guys”. Instituting this idea is easier said than done. How are we able to analyze the imbalance is difficult enough. Correcting the imbalance at one time was thought to be an insurmountable task. The analysis and the methodology of correction seemed to be beyond our grasp. That is at least until now!
The method that we use has to be a method that will give reproducible results that are accurate and based on science. At the same time we need to have a reliable method to correct the imbalances. We are very fortunate in that we are utilizing one of the world’s experts on cytokines or growth factors to perform the analysis. We have a number of different cytokines


The following is a sample of a real BMAP test results. It illustrates what you will receive from the test results.

The patient in the sample was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis before she had the BMAP test. She was taking Rx with no results and pain. She could not shed any weight. Within 2 weeks of the protocol the patient was pain free; free of joint pain as she puts it. More importantly for this patient, she lost 30 lbs within six weeks. She says she feels better when she follows the protocol. When she cheats on the foods that have been removed, she feels the deleterious effects and old symptoms resurface.

This patient is healthy for the most part. It is the multiple nutraceuticals that are calling her body to a change. There is a lot of overlap, and many nutraceuticals marked due to this overlap and overconsumption. This is slowly causing some metabolic conditions, especially insulin resistance, which is not manifesting in the standard way as in weight gain and fatigue, but rather taking the path of the muscles and synovial fluid. The energy regulation of insulin and glucose are the problem.
There is a definite IL-17 bypass reaction which is causing autoimmune symptoms. I believe that it is onlyin the initial stages of this physiological responses but coupled with the current hormonal profile, it should be addressed immediately to prevent further and chronic conditions. As well, regulating it will
alleviate the rheumatoid condition of her hands and the muscular pains in her hip and lower body. Pruritus may occur or exist because of the autoimmune IL-17 bypass reaction due to overlap of supplements, causing symptoms associated with insulin resistance and existing insulin resistance in
muscle. Main problems are associated with muscle function and energy metabolism by muscles. All of her symptoms are from Insulin Resistance, she must not drink fruit juices or eat fructose, take her off fruit; and the sweets she snacks are what is causing frequent urination. Take her off all supplements too.
Liver is in good shape and function!

As can be seen the BMAP analysis will forever change the way we will look a medical problems and treat them. Thanks Dr. P


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