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Occasionally I am asked by some docs where I will be doing my next speaking engagement. I have tried to cut down on my international travel schedule. It will be creeping up in the fall with a few trips to Asia. In the meantime, I will try to stay local in the good old USA. This month I am scheduled to give a talk in Philadelphia at the Boston Biolife meeting. I am very much looking forward to this meeting. In looking at the faculty and topics presented it appears to be a well balance meeting presenting many different viewpoints. Probably more than any field, Regenerative Medicine demands an open mind. I can see this thru my own transformation. There were topics that I once considered gospel than I began to question them and finally discovered that what I once considered true was actually not so. Every meeting I attend I usually take back a small nugget of information. I am looking forward to doing so at this meeting. The meeting does not seem to have an ax to grind. They are not pushing one type of technique over another. What they are pushing is science and techniques. They want to present many different opinions. Too often meetings get tilted in their approach to Regenerative Medicine problems. The Boston Biolife approach is to give a solid background in Regenerative Medicine so that the physician can build upon this and better treat his patients. They do this by giving many different points of view. After being given information, the physician can make an informed decision on how to best treat his patients.
I am asked to give a lecture in the field of Regenerative Medicine as it pertains to musculoskeletal skeletal problems. What I will do is call upon my experience of performing many thousands of cases in Regenerative Medicine. I will tell what seems to work for me. More importantly, why it probably works for me. When one understands the “why” than they possess tools to improve upon the situation. To do things as a mechanic means to not understand the “why”. Unless one understands the “why” than improvement is an elusive goal.
I will introduce some our our newer concepts in the field of Regenerative Medicine. One topic that I suspect will garner interest is a procedure called Purekine. Purekine is our method of producing a IRAP product. IRAP stands for anti-interleukin-1 antagonist. This is one on the most potent anti-inflammatory agents known. It is similar to the German process called Regenokine. However, it is derived from the bone marrow.
We will also present some of our clinical data that compares centrifuged vs non-centrifuged bone marrow. This data has never been presented before anywhere in the world.
All in all I look forward to this meeting to present new material and at the same time learn some valuable nuggets of information from the other faculty. We all must realize one thing. Regenerative Medicine is a field that unlike any other there is a good chance that someone at the meeting can make a significant difference and change the course of events in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Thanks Dr. P


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