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Community Spotlight – Melissa Lilley’s The Burn Society Pilates Studio

Nestled just steps from Delray Beach’s beautiful intracoastal waterway sits Melissa Lilley’s passion project and pilates studio, The Burn Society. Lilley, a former dancer, moved to South Florida a few years ago and was unimpressed with the limited pilates offerings. In fact, the lack of quality studios spurred her quest to create a pilates-centered workout that met her high standards.

“In California, the fitness scene was abundant, but in Florida, I felt like something was lacking. Traditional Pilates left me wanting more,” Lilley shares.

Her discontent paved the way for her to tap into a workout she thoroughly enjoyed from her California days, Lagree Pilates—a high-intensity, low-impact method that instantly captivated her with its dynamic workouts. Fueled by her experience and driven by a desire to fill the gap in her new home, Lilley set out to introduce authentic Lagree Pilates to Florida.

“Regular Pilates is low-impact, low-intensity, but Lagree is different—it’s all about keeping your heart rate up and pushing your body to the limit,” Lilley explains, underscoring the transformative potential of the approach. ”Lagree is toning, it’s elongating. You’re doing dynamic stretching and it’s terrific for your heart, your lungs and your overall health.”

For Lilley, fitness transcends mere physicality; it serves as a form of therapy—a sentiment rooted in her tenure as a professional dancer. 

“Fitness has always been a cornerstone of my life. Without it, I’m restless. It’s my emotional release,” she says, channeling Elle Woods’ iconic ode to endorphins from the movie Legally Blonde.

At the heart of Lagree Pilates lies its capacity to challenge participants of all levels, urging them beyond their comfort zones and fostering strength and endurance. 

“People aren’t accustomed to the muscle shaking that accompanies Lagree. It’s about pushing your limits and fatiguing the muscles,” Lilley says. “When people first start, they aren’t used to fatiguing singular body parts. They get exhausted. But after a few months they’ll tell me how much stronger they’re getting in other activities in their lives.”

To give people time to adjust and reap the benefits, Lilley offers options for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. 

“Every class is 50 minutes long and caters to all levels. We even have a back-to-basics session for newcomers,” she shares, spotlighting the accessibility of her studio. “In terms of the most effective routine, the golden spot is two-to-three times per week. The best way is to intertwine it with other workouts. So you still need something that is going to work those large muscle groups. Lots of people use it to strengthen their golf or tennis games.”

Beyond the studio walls, Lilley champions holistic wellness, recommending elements like infrared sauna therapy, cold plunges and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). “Recovery is paramount. You never want to miss a workout because your body’s aching,” she emphasizes.

But Lilley’s vision extends beyond the confines of her studio; she envisions a community united in the pursuit of wellness and self-improvement. With every class and every session, she invites her clients to join her on a transformative journey—one that promises physical vitality and mental fulfillment.

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