Breaking News: Daily Exercise Leads to Larger Brains!

I am a lifelong proponent of exercise and have made it a priority in my own daily routine. My morning regimen is to wake up around 5AM to get a jump on the day. I read briefly, to get my brain going, and then I start my workout.

First, I take a brisk walk of about 3.5 miles. Then, I hop on the elliptical for 25 minutes to get my heart rate into the 140s. I follow that up with 25 minutes of swimming. During the week, I’ll shower up and head to work, but I also make sure I finish every day with 100 sit-ups in the evening before bed.

Do I like this regimen?

I don’t mind it but occasionally there is certainly a temptation to skip it. We all have those days! But for me, those are the most important days to stick to it because few things are better for our wellbeing and longevity than daily exercise.

In fact, I just came across an interesting article that offers another benefit of living the fit life: exercise boosts brain size!

The article discusses how even moderate exercise can greatly increase not only the size of your brain but also its function.

In general, regular physical activity had a noticeable effect on almost all brain regions. These effects included brain size and cortical thickness.

One theory of the article is that physical activity seemed to impact cerebral blood flow, which helped to stimulate mitochondria.

I believe this is likely true. Additionally, there are other tricks that I use to further enhance brain function as well.

I take a variety of supplements that help reduce inflammation and improve mitochondrial health and function. I also utilize EBO2 treatment, which can help reduce inflammation in the body.

One of the most popular ways to improve mitochondrial function, brain health and overall health is an intravenous NAD+ treatment, which increases ATP production. Remember, ATP is the body’s energy currency. When we improve that, we are in for a host of other anti-aging and longevity benefits.

When all is said and done, exercise, plus the right regenerative medicine modalities are the key to stopping inflammation, which is the Holy Grail of longevity and extended healthspan.

This article on exercise as it relates to brain health  is exciting news and reinforces an old adage I’ve lived by, which is, “a sound body makes a sound mind.”

– Dr. P


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