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Don’t Start 2022 Without These Three Tech Wearables

2021 was the year of the high-tech wearable! From new Apple Watches and FitBits to Whoop, it seemed every day a new product or app or piece of tech launched to help us feel better and live longer.

These three wearables top our list for must-haves in the New Year.

Apollo Neuro

Not only does Apollo measure your heart rate variability like a Whoop does, but it emits gentle vibrations specifically to improve your heart rate variability. When you listen to music, or someone gives you a hug, our bodies react to these sensations almost immediately. Apollo activates touch receptors on your skin that feel pressure and vibration, just like when someone holds your hand. Touch is a powerful sense that allows us to feel peace and calm. It engages your parasympathetic system, eliciting a sense of comfort and relaxation. With this, you can have more focus, mental clarity, and improved sleep.


This device, designed as a ring instead of a watch, was created to provide data to optimize your life. With precise sleep tracking, 24/7 heart rate tracking, ongoing temperature monitoring, activity tracking and measurement, the wearer has the ability to achieve higher levels of recovery. The Oura gives its users valuable information and insight into their health and wellbeing. It even comes built with guided audio sessions, providing you real time feedback on your body’s signals and responses.

Whoop 4.0

Whoops newest model 4.0 measures your sleep, recovery, and strain, and the newest model has added programs and biometric tracking such as skin temperature reading, blood oxygen and more. Whoop helps us to better understand sleep, recovery, and the strain on our bodies. Sometimes we dont get as much or as good of sleep as our body needs. By gathering information on sleep stages and cycles and how many disturbances occur each night, we can see just how effective our sleep is in giving us a good night’s rest. Whoop also provides a recovery score to help us understand when our body is ready for action, or when our body needs to rest and recover more. A strain score lets us know just how much stress were placing on our body and understand when were in a recovery phase, optimal phase to maintain fitness, or when you’re pushing it just a little too hard and overreaching.

We wont be so clichéd as to say you can give the gift of health, but when it comes to these awesome out-of-the-box gifts, its kind of true!


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