Dr. Purita Officially a Guest Professor at UniMax University in Brazil

I have been going to Brazil to teach for many years and my duties have included lectures, techniques, and assisting medical students, physicians, and Ph.D. students with patients. I have lectured on a wide variety of topics, from stem cell and PRP therapy, to anti aging pathways, mitochondria health, and other regenerative issues. 

When I first traveled to Brazil, I was initially called Professor Purita rather than Dr. Purita. I thought this was strange and did not understand why, but I was informed that this was a sign of respect and admiration. I have found this occurs all over the world.

Recently, I received the honor of becoming an official Guest Professor in Regenerative Medicine at UniMax University in Brazil. As you’ll see from the photo, the letter is dated July 1, 2023, but I only just now received it. I usually do not like to bring attention to myself, but I am extremely honored by this appointment and wanted to share it with you all.

UniMax is a very progressive university named after the famous Professor Max Plank. My good friend, Professor Jose Fabio Lana, runs the Ortho Regen program. We have worked together for many years and published several papers together. 

Even as I write this, we are developing cutting-edge procedures, including utilizing bone marrow aspirate to treat spinal cord injuries. We’ve also published some landmark papers, including the classifications of bone marrow aspirate and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) formations.

Very exciting stuff! And stay tuned for what we’re working on next!


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