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Unlocking Knowledge: My Teaching Journey at OrthoRegen Clinic and UniMax University in Brazil

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Last week I returned to Brazil, one of my favorite places to lecture and teach. I was invited by my dear friend Dr. Jose Fabio Lana who runs the Brazilian Institute of Regenerative Medicine. We’ve known  each other a long time and have worked on many projects together. 

His course is titled OrthoRegen and is associated with the University of Max Planck in Indaiatuba, Brazil.  

While I was there I gave three keynote lectures on aspects of stem cells and PRP science, mitochondria science, and a few other topics presented by the university.

The following picture is of myself, Professor Lana, and some of the medical students at Unimax University. In my experience, Brazilian medical students are very interested in regenerative medicine. 

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While I was there we also performed cases at the OrthoRegen office, where Dr. Lana and I went room-to-room along with other prestigious instructors. I enjoyed it because we saw a wide variety of cases, including those using bone marrow aspirate, adipose including SVF, and multiple forms of PRP. 

The office was as state-of-the-art as any in the United States. The following picture shows me obtaining some SVF. 

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I am unaware of other courses that come close to what is done in Brazil at the OrthoRegen Center regarding the various conditions presented, especially since the patients are treated gratis.

One of the more fascinating aspects of my trip was when I got to catch up with Dr. Lana on his progress of treating spinal cord injuries. He has shown some remarkable results using hybrid bone marrow aspirate with PRF and bone marrow plasma delivered via a sacral epidural approach. In one patient with long-standing spinal injuries there has been some return of sphincter control, sensation  and muscle control.

One addition that I suggested was to use modalities to

remove senescent cells. The literature indicates that senescent cells seem to accumulate near the area of the spinal cord injury and may hinder healing. I also suggested using various peptides to enhance healing and recovery further. Indeed, other modalities, such as hyperbaric oxygen, may also be beneficial. 

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In addition to the hybrid bone marrow product (both centrifuged and non-centrifuged), we’re using PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) from blood and a PRF product made from bone marrow plasma. 

Another intriguing topic covered in the clinic was the intra-articular use of pulsed radio frequency (RF). Repeated intra-articular pulsed radiofrequency may reduce the inflammatory response and lower knee pain in patients by inhibiting the expression of IL-6, IL-10, and TNF-α in the synovial fluid. Most of us associate (RF) with turning off a nerve. In this case, the technique reduces inflammation in the joint. 

We have also treated many spinal disc problems at the clinic with a technique Dr. Lana and I devised many years ago, where we inject the lamina area, facets, and paravertebral muscles with bone marrow aspirate. 

In addition, we treated the usual orthopedic cases, such as osteoarthritis of the hip and knee joints. 

One facet of the clinic that is unique is that they have a division devoted to healing serious wounds – and the results are impressive. 

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The above picture shows me with some of the UniMax medical students. I promised them I would do some Zoom lectures for their Journal club. 

All in all, it was a great and satisfying visit. 

Everyone there was gracious and wanted to soak up knowledge like a sponge. 

I commend Professor Lana for all that he has accomplished, and I look forward to my return visit later this year.


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