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Fat Stem Cells as an Anti-Aging Treatment

A new study from the Perelman School of Medicine and University of Pennsylvania published in the Journal Stem Cell this month revealed that adult stem cells that were collected from human fat have the potential to be used in anti-aging treatments. These Stem Cells are referred to as “Adipose Derived Stem Cells” and include a mix of unique Stem Cells commonly available in human fat tissue.

The research study led by Dr. Ivona Percec from the Perleman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania examined the normal aging process of Fat Stem Cells, referred to as “chronological aging”. The study showed that fat stem cells were able to make more proteins as once thought, which gives them the ability to replicate and maintain their stability. “Our study shows these cells are very robust, even when they are collected from older patients,” said Dr. Percec. Compared to other cells such as skin cells (fibroblasts), fat stem cells were able to multiply at the same rate in older and younger individuals.

This finding may imply that these particular stem cells are able to resist the aging process more than others and may be useful as an anti-aging treatment.

As a next step in this ongoing study, researchers are hoping to find ways to make these cells even less resistant to aging by manipulating the stem cell’s DNA structure. Stay tuned for more.

Adipose Derived Stem Cells


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