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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Purita Interviewed by Forbes Magazine About Yankees Star

New York Yankees star right fielder Aaron Judge has been sidelined with a nagging big toe injury since early June. The 6’7”, 280-pound All-Star is currently dealing with a torn ligament in his toe and with his season in jeopardy, he’s turned to regenerative medicine to help speed his recovery.

Thus far, Judge has received two platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, as reported by Forbes online in an article titled, Aaron Judge Should Consider Other Treatment for Injury, Says Pioneering Physician.

The pioneering physician mentioned in the headline is none other than our own Dr. Purita!

Christian Red writes the following in the piece:

…if the club is looking to expedite Judge’s healing timetable, a noted Florida physician who specializes in regenerative medicine said multiple PRP injections alone might not be the most effective treatment.

“A big-time athlete like Aaron Judge, is PRP enough? I’d be more in favor of saying, ‘Let’s go for the gusto. Let’s maybe use bone marrow aspirant, and then we know we’re putting in a lot of stem cells from the get-go, rather than just using growth factors,’” Dr. Joseph Purita, the medical director of Pur-Form Health in Boca Raton, Florida, said in an interview.

If Purita’s name sounds familiar to Yankee fans, he was the physician who treated pitcher Bartolo Colon in 2010 by injecting bone marrow stem cells and fat cells into Colon’s injured pitching shoulder and elbow.

The procedure resulted in a rebirth for the Dominican right-hander, who signed with the Yankees before the 2011 season. Click here to learn more information on PRP and other regenerative medicine techniques used to heal injury and help people perform their best.


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