PUR-FORM’s Health-Packed Holiday Gift Guide!

For the One Who Has it All: PUR-FORM Gift Card

Gift card or present? Everyone’s had this dilemma when shopping for a loved one. Some people love nothing more than to be surprised with a gift… While others would rather choose exactly what they want for themself. If you’re buying for the latter, we’ve got you covered!

Let your loved one choose whatever PUR-FORM treatment or product they want with the exclusive PUR-FORM Gift Card. From medical aesthetics and skincare to wellness treatments, vitamin infusions and regenerative medicine protocols, we’re confident we have something to make that special someone feel their very best.

To purchase a gift card, please call our front desk at 561-368-1880

For the Weekend Warriors in Your Life: 12 Contrast Therapy Sessions

We all have a friend or loved one who pushes their body just a bit too far. Now you can help them recover with a set of contrast therapy sessions at our cutting-edge facility. Featuring a private room with a high-tech cold plunge and infrared sauna, contrast therapy relieves the body of symptoms associated with overtraining and also fights inflammation, sore muscles & joints, arthritis symptoms & even boosts your mood.

For the Girl On The Go: 3 Pack of DermaShape 

‘Tis the season to get worn down and worn out from all the holiday parties and events. If the lady in your life is feeling puffy and sluggish (or you want to treat yourself), DermaShape is the ultimate treatment to debloat & detox. DermaShape is a non-invasive way of eliminating toxins, congested fat and water retention through lymphatic system stimulation. Now you can harness the power of heat and a patented vacuum massage to improve skin appearance!

For the Do-It-All Mom: PUR-WELLNESS Membership 

Day-in and day-out moms put their families first, often delaying “me time” to some far off slot in her schedule that never happens. Be her hero this holiday season and give her the gift of recovery, time and relaxation with our PUR-WELLNESS membership. This includes 5 core treatments, 1 level-1 vitamin shot and member pricing on all services. Core treatments include: red light therapy, contrast therapy, infrared sauna, compression therapy and local cryotherapy. What better excuse to take time for herself than to use the membership you got her! 


For the Jet Setter: Super Immune IV Drip 

Know someone who seems to live in airports? They go from one city to the next, traveling for work or pleasure and everything is great… until they come home and jet lag wipes them out. Now you can help them with the perfect gift: The Super Immune Drip. This specially formulated IV supercharges the immune system with high dose vitamin C, magnesium, B-12, B-complex and zinc.

For the Skincare Enthusiast : Custom Facial

Pamper the skincare enthusiast in your life with PUR-FORM’s exclusive facial! Our custom facial begins with an in-depth skin analysis to determine which products and modalities will best benefit the condition of the client’s skin to help achieve their desired goals. We have a variety of masks and peels to target specific concerns such as pigmentation, texture, and aging skin. The facial also includes a relaxing massage, light therapy, and microcurrent.


For The Bio-Hacker: PUR-LIFESTYLE Membership 

Know someone who lives on the cutting-edge of health and fitness? Are they an early adopter? Always touting the next high-tech treatment and supplement? Then we have the perfect gift for them! Introducing the PUR-LIFESTYLE membership! This includes 1 level-1 shot, 1 level-1 IV drip, 10 core treatments every month, PLUS member pricing on ALL treatments. Core treatments include: red light therapy, contrast therapy, infrared sauna, compression therapy and local cryotherapy. membership/


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