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How Glutathione May Boost Motivation

I am excited to share with you a very interesting article concerning how motivation is affected by oxidative stress in the brain.

Professor Carmen Sandi at EPFL’s School of Life Sciences is asking a simple but important question:

“Do differences in metabolites in the brain affect our capacity for motivation?”

Sandi’s group and the NestlĂ© Institute of Health Sciences posed this question as part of a study looking to ascertain whether certain metabolite levels may be related to (or even improve) motivation and thus, performance. In order to gather this information, researchers studied oxidative stress in a portion of the brain called the nucleus accumbens, which controls aspects of motivation (among other things).

As we know, brain tissue has a very high level of mitochondria. In turn, the mitochondria produce reactive oxygen species, which increase oxidative stress. The oxidative stress is a byproduct of mitochondrial oxidative respiration. For the purposes of this study, the researchers chose glutathione as their go-to antioxidant.

In order to measure glutathione’s effect on oxidative stress, researchers performed proton magnetic spectroscopy (PMRS). Proton MRS appeals to clinicians and scientists because its application in the clinical setting can increase the specificity of MR imaging. In this study, PMRS revealed that humans with higher levels of glutathione performed better on tests measuring motivation.

This led researchers to believe an increased brain antioxidant environment may promote motivation. Taking this idea one step further, they noted how N-acetyl-cysteine seems to increase glutathione. On a high level, one has to wonder how this could be utilized to motivate individuals or society as a whole. It’s fascinating!

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