How NAD+ Unlocks Your Best Brain

For those not familiar, NAD+ is an essential coenzyme to humans. In short, we can’t live without it. The best analogy is that NAD+ is the battery that runs the power source of our cells. In this case, that power source is our mitochondria. With insufficient NAD+, our mitochondria struggle to make sufficient energy, which can be very taxing to our vital organs, in particular your heart and your brain.

This is because the highest concentrations of NADare in the heart and the brain. Prolonged NAD+ depletion in these areas can not only lead to decreased performance and fatigue, but also put you at risk for degenerative conditions (ie. Alzheimer’s). For this reason, NAD+ can potentially be very effective in preventing dementia, Parkinson’s, and even multiple sclerosis.

By simply replenishing NAD+, you’ll notice improved athletic and physical performance, as well as increased mental acuity. If you’re someone who struggles to get rolling in the morning and you’ve noticed that it’s taking longer and longer to “shake out the cobwebs” after you wake up, there’s a good chance that you’re suffering in some part from a lack of NAD+ in your brain.

The good news is that replenishing your NAD+ stores is simple and easy.

NAD+ is given via intravenous infusion and takes about two to four hours, depending on each patient’s tolerance of the drip. During the drip, some people experience chest tightness and/or butterflies in their stomach, but everyone is different.

These symptoms are completely benign and will go away within 20 seconds of stopping the drip. We like to think of the sensation of these symptoms as our cells getting the boost of energy that they’d been working so hard for! Typically, you’ll feel a sensation in the areas of the body where NAD+ is lacking, thus we typically feel the symptoms in those areas.

In short, you’ll feel it where you need it!

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