How to Overcome Jet Lag Quickly with an NAD+ IV

Your body’s natural clock is called its circadian rhythm; this is the natural cycle that your body tends to fall asleep and wake up to. It’s typically activated by things like morning sunlight and nighttime darkness. If you are diligent about limiting artificial stimuli (blue lights, electronics, etc …) it’ll also work like, well, clockwork, helping your body wake up and fall asleep at roughly the same times every day. It’s a beautiful system meant to optimize your daily performance.

You know what wrecks this beautiful system and wreaks havoc on your performance?

Travel. Specifically, travel involving multiple time zones.

When you travel across the country or across the globe, your body’s internal clock becomes a disaster. It doesn’t know when to fall asleep, wake up, eat…nothing.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do to kickstart your body’s clock and help recover and readjust to your new time zone quickly. And that something is an NAD+ IV Drip.

NAD+, also known as the “miracle molecule,” is the perfect weapon to fight jet lag and travel fatigue. Here are the top five ways it may help:

  1. Boost physical energy during the day
  2. Help you fall asleep at night
  3. Improve your mental performance
  4. Decrease an overall “tired feeling”
  5. Reduce potential unwanted travel headaches

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