Hydrating from the Inside: The Secret Power of IVs

Your body needs fluids and drinking is the default method to get them.

But what if there was an easier way?

A more efficient way?

A way to get fluids into your body along with vital nutrients to help you recharge and feel refreshed?

Introducing: IVs.

The term ‘IV’ is short for “intravenous drip feed” and it offers a form of next-level hydration that many are finding to be a game changing experience.

Instead of chugging endless amounts of water to stay hydrated this summer, imagine kicking back while your body is loaded up with the fluids, nutrients and electrolytes you need to feel your best.

That is the power of IV treatment.

And here are three more benefits:

1)   Easy on Your Stomach

Because IVs are injected directly into your bloodstream, it’s easier on your digestive system than guzzling gallons of Gatorade.

2)   Quickly Enters the Bloodstream

IV fluids are more readily available in the body because they don’t have to wait to be absorbed by the tissues in your body.  Need a quick pick-me-up? IVs are for you.

3)   Nutrient Nirvana

When we’re feeling sluggish, we’re often both dehydrated and depleted of vital nutrients. With the proper IV, you can replenish liquids while also adding popular vitamins for energy like C, B-12 and more!

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