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IBOM Meeting 2014

I recently returned from giving a few lectures at the International Biologics Orthopedic Meeting in Mumbai, India. This was an excellent meeting with many superb speakers from both India and international. The air trip is not much fun (20 hours each way) but the camaraderie makes up for it. This was a meeting essentially for Orthopedic surgeons of which I am one. Many of the topics dealt with a blending of procedures. By this I mean that some form of surgery was performed but these procedures were enhanced with some type of biologic preparation. The vast majority of the time these biologics were either a PRP and/or stem cell preparation. The majority of cases involved procedures typically done for osteoarthritis. These included micro-fracture techniques for areas of osteoarthritis of the joints. A micro-fracture is performed by making holes in an area where the cartilage has been worn away. In past times this was all that was done. This was a primitive stem cell technique. By making holes in a bone it was hoped that some stem cells would leak out and create some articular cartilage. This would happen but the cartilage was not a good quality cartilage. This cartilage is called fibro-cartilage or “scar tissue” cartilage. It was better than nothing but did not have lasting power. When the micro-fracture technique is combined with stem cells there was formation of what is called hyaline cartilage. This is normal cartilage which has lasting power.

A number of the talks centered on the use of PRP and stem cell injections into the joints. As would be expected the results were excellent. I was able to share with the doctors many of my tricks and techniques on doing these regenerative procedures. I forged many new friends and colleagues. I am sure there will be further give and take and sharing of ideas. In the field of Regenerative Medicine we have to have sharing of ideas to further along the field. I look forward to sharing these ideas with my new friends from India. Thanks Dr. P


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