Jet Lag: Travel is Fun, But the Struggle is Real

Jet lag; the struggle after all of the amazing experiences during travel! With the Winter Olympics here again, we know that many of our athletes are traveling far and wide to compete and need to be at their best when they arrive. We have a few great tips that we use personally to avoid jet lag all together!

  1. Neo40 by Humann
    1. This is a miracle tablet! Neo40 is a naturally derived nitric oxide source from beets that helps to dilate the blood vessels and increase stem cell output from the bone marrow! This small tablet will also give you a ton of energy to power through any time change and be ready to perform at any moment!
  2. Red Laser Watch
    1. A red laser watch placed over the radial artery, on the inside of your wrist, can give your mitochondria the boost that they need to power through any time change!
  3. Jet Lag IV @ IRM
    1. Lastly, upon return home, we can give you a blend of nutrients to get you back to your life and work as soon as possible! This IV includes magnesium to promote restful sleep, vitamin C to promote immunity after flying, B12 for energy, and L-Carnitine to prevent the disruption of the circadian cycle!


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