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4 Tips to Maximizing Fish Oil’s Effectiveness

Typically, when we think of omega-3 oil we think of fish. The newest thinking is that algae oil may be the best source of “fish” oil. In fact, the fish get the “raw material” to produce fish oil from algae. This is important because the body may absorb certain forms of omega-3 from algae oil more efficiently than either krill or fish!  

With that in mind, if you’re going to supplement with omega-3s, here are 4 things to remember: 

1) I recommend taking omega-3 oils directly from your freezer. This will allow for better absorption of the oil and you won’t regurgitate a fishy taste.  

2) Double check that you are taking a fish oil supplement that is molecularly distilled to ensure that heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides have been removed.  

3) When talking about the dosage of fish oil, the real importance is the content of the EPA and DHA components. These are by far the most important aspects of fish oil.  These two numbers together should add up to around 3000mg/day.  

4) Lastly, if you are on a blood thinner you must check with your physician since the Omega 3s can thin one’s blood.  

– Dr. P.  


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