Could NAD+ and Methylene Blue Help the 65 Million Long Covid Sufferers?

I’d like to summarize an article that discusses research on the causes of fatigue and other symptoms in long COVID patients. According to The Lancet, at least 65 million people globally have long COVID. Common symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, and sleep problems reduce quality of life. In a recent article, researchers studied 25 long haul COVID patients to understand the physical causes of their fatigue.

They found that after exercise, long COVID patients experienced worsening symptoms for up to 7 days due to post-exertional malaise.

Examining blood and muscle tissue, the researchers discovered abnormalities related to the reduced functioning of mitochondria, which produce the energy needed to power cells. This suggests a biological basis for fatigue. Specifically, they found lowered energy production in the muscle cell mitochondria. Since mitochondria power the brain, muscles, and other cells, this could cause symptoms like fatigue. 

Longtime readers know that at PUR-FORM we are well aware that mitochondrial problems are linked to many neurodegenerative diseases. This is why we have so many modalities built around boosting mitochondrial function. In regards to the study, researchers plan further trials to confirm if similar muscle cell mitochondrial problems occur in other post-viral patients. I suspect they will, which can help us better understand the causes and develop treatments.

NAD+ and Methylene Blue

One potential treatment is NAD therapy. NAD plays an integral role in mitochondrial energy production. Supplementing NAD may help overcome mitochondrial dysfunction. The lowered muscle cell mitochondrial function offers a biological explanation for prolonged COVID patient fatigue. NAD therapy may provide a treatment approach to improve mitochondrial health. 

At the same time, possible methylene blue treatment has mitochondrial-enhancing properties that may have therapeutic effects in boosting brain and muscle cell mitochondrial function for long-term COVID-19 patients. However, methylene blue is a compound that acts as a potent inhibitor of NOS enzymes. By inhibiting NOS, methylene blue reduces the production of nitric oxide. So, it is imperative to include NO stimulators to counteract this effect. Nitric oxide supplements such as Neo-40 are another emerging area of interest for potentially supporting mitochondrial function in long-term COVID patients.

Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule that triggers signaling cascades involved in mitochondriogenesis. It also stimulates already existing mitochondria to function at higher capacity. Exercise can promote mitochondrial biogenesis and other methods that may help increase mitochondrial health. Reducing caloric intake/intermittent fasting has been shown to activate enzymes that stimulate mitochondrial function. It is essential to reduce overall inflammation in the body. This can be achieved by various methods enabling the NRF2 pathway. Some that come to mind include EBO2 and an array of supplements. 

We have used EBO2 for some time as part of our treatment protocol. Some studies show that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is beneficial. Overall, the treatment of COVID long haul will require a multimodal approach to improve malfunctioning mitochondria. 

If you are suffering from the effects of Long COVID or you’re interested in visiting our Boca Raton office to try any of our mitochondria-boosting modalities, you can schedule your appointment here. We’ll put together a comprehensive, personalized plan to guide you on your wellness and anti-aging journey.

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