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Stem Cells

New Cutting Edge Stem Cell Analyzer at the Institute of Regenerative Medicine

The Institute of Regenerative Medicine (IRM) has added the most advanced Stem Cell Analyzer, called a “Flow Cytometer” to its state of the art Laboratory. This device is capable of identifying specific types of Stem Cells in a patients tissue such as bone marrow, fat and blood. In addition, a Flow Cytometer will count these cells and determine if they are alive. This type of technology is typically only found in large research laboratories at Universities and Biomedical Companies. The Institute of Regenerative Medicine is the first Regenerative Medicine practice to incorporate this most advanced technology into its laboratory. We are confident that the ability to analyze our patients tissue for the correct types and numbers of Stem Cells will translate to the ideal outcome.


The above image shows a display from the Flow Cytometer. Stem Cells are seen in the oval made up of purple, blue, green, yellow and orange dots, each dot representing areas of Stem Cells.
Below the Stem Cell identification image, the number of live Stem Cells are displayed. In this sample, the Flow Cytometer was able to identify 6.96 Million live Stem Cells.


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