Next-Level Testing for Senescent Cells

I have written quite a bit on senescent cells over the years because cellular senescence is an important hallmark of aging.

Senescent cells are so-called “zombie cells” that stopped dividing but are not dead. While senescent cells do carry out a few positive physiological functions, including wound healing and slowing cancer progression, excessive senescence is mostly bad for healthy organ function and is believed to be one of the major causes of aging, while shortening life span.

The problem with senescent cells is that they can produce and release some 4,000 different proteins, many of which have pro-inflammatory properties such as cytokines and chemokines. These molecules are called senescence-associated secreted phenotype (SASP) molecules that circulate in the blood stream and they can change the function of neighboring cells.

Some of these proteins are commonly known as master inflammatory cytokines going by names such as  IL-1b, IL-6, TNF-a and IL-8.

These are the bad guys causing much inflammation in the body.

Most senescent cells produce a protein called beta-galactosidase also called SABG.

The test we will be offering via Jinfiniti will check for these markers to measure senescent cells in your body.

Again, this involves a simple blood test.

The Aging SOS Testing: The Most Comprehensive Panel

This is Jinfiniti’s most comprehensive test, which tracks many different aging factors, including a number of biomarkers that may indicate a variety of causes of suboptimal health.

These biomarkers can be used to maximize one’s health span by measuring molecular and cellular functions that are altered with age.

The SOS testing measures chronic inflammation, cellular senescence, protein glycation, tissue stress and damage, and oxidative stress and antioxidant capacity. These are all hallmarks of aging.

Once you are armed with this information it becomes easier to plot a course of action.

These aging biomarkers reveal your overall wellness status and your most urgent deficiencies and abnormalities, providing a blueprint for how you can slow down and intervene in your aging process. This is extremely valuable information for those interested in longevity. You are provided with concrete steps to correct your deficiencies.

These actions include lifestyle changes such as more exercise, more sleep, diet, and biomarker-guided supplementation of nutrients that you may not get enough from in your regular diet.

In addition, you’ll be recommended some cutting-edge modalities, such as cryotherapy, hyperbaric chambers, and a host of other treatments aimed at improving and extending your life.

Once again, we obtain all of this information from a simple blood test.

The good news is that the opening of our new state of the art regenerative medicine clinic is just around the corner.

We will be offering a wide variety of tests, treatments, protocols and procedures that will make correcting many of the abnormalities found on the SOS test easier.  

– Dr. P


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