45 Minutes to Reduce Muscle Fatigue

Whether your muscles are sore from endurance training, powerlifting, competing or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) from starting a new workout, you can likely benefit from the healing powers of red light therapy just like the pros.

While red light therapy offers a multitude of light wavelengths to promote topical skin healing and subdermal skin healing, the higher wavelengths are where the real magic happens when it comes to muscles.

The 830nm wavelength penetrates deeper through skin and tissue into the bone to promote healing deep in tissues. Studies of 830nm wavelength demonstrate it accelerates wound healing and may help to ward off infection. It’s also been shown to promote bone repair and helps athletes recover faster post injury.   

The 850nm wavelength works in concert with the other wavelengths mentioned to provide a wide range of therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits, such as wound healing, tendon and muscle recovery. It also stimulates the production of collagen, which has far ranging effects from soft tissue healing to more radiant looking skin.

If you were to enter the training facility for most major college sports programs, professional sports complexes and even athletes’ own homes, you’d likely find a variety of red light therapy devices on hand to speed recovery. There are wraps, straps and even leg, knee and arm bands that athletes can wear to spot treat certain areas of their body.

However, for full body muscle recovery, many athletes opt for a bed that envelops the body in red light to promote maximum healing to the largest muscle groups at one time.

If you’re suffering from muscle fatigue due to training, over training or general use from an active, athletic lifestyle, regular red light therapy sessions may become your secret weapon to healing faster, feeling stronger and refreshing your muscles.

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