Spice Up Your Thanksgiving with an Anti-Aging Boost

Intermittent fasting. Low carb. Low sugar. Calorie restriction. Keto.

For 364 days a year you’ve followed a nutrition plan. And we could tell you to hang tough and never take a break, especially on the holidays. But realistically, what fun is that?

After all, if you’re not going to let loose and enjoy a huge Thanksgiving feast, what’s the point of watching what you eat all those other days? At some point, you’ve got to treat yourself, and Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to do it.

Eat what you want. Drink what you want. Take the day…

And just be sure you get back on the healthy eating horse tomorrow.

However, if you still want to sneak in a little anti-aging, longevity improving dose of goodness into your Thanksgiving meal, why not add the spice turmeric to a few of your favorite dishes like mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey?

Turmeric contains curcumin. Curcumin is derived from the rhizomes of the curcuma longa linn plant, a member of the ginger family (zingiberaceae).

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, aids in management of oxidative stress, inflammatory conditions, metabolism, arthritis, anxiety, and even hyperlipidemia. Curcumin can be instrumental in helping to decrease exercise induced inflammation and muscle soreness, enhancing recovery and performance.

Curcumin also acts as a transcription agent to turn on genes that have been mistakenly silenced and can even activate p53, the tumor suppressor gene, which can keep cancer cells at bay.

These are the Top 10 Benefits of Curcumin:

  1. It has potent anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. It can decrease your risk of cancer.
  3. It can reduce your risk of heart disease
  4. It can relieve arthritis pain.
  5. It can help decrease your cholesterol
  6. It can assist in preventing Alzheimer’s
  7. It can help in the prevention and management of diabetes
  8. It can help increase your immunity
  9. It is a potent antioxidant
  10. It works on many pathways in the body to slow aging

While adding turmeric to your turkey dinner will give it a kick and small does of curcumin, it is not very bioavailable alone. Here at PUR-FORM we carry the most bioavailable oral preparation of curcumin, called UltraCur, and we even have curcumin available in IV form!

The IV form is an absolute game changer, as this amazing anti-inflammatory powerhouse can now be delivered straight into your bloodstream.

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