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Stem Cell Activator

Hello PUR-FORM Family, Nurse Bella here! Id like to take a moment to fill you in on a new and very exciting supplement, recently developed by Dr. Purita, that will be instrumental in speeding up healing times and increasing overall quality of life!

This game changing supplement goes by the name of Stem Cell Activator and it was developed to do just that! The main active ingredient in the formula is:

●     Velvet Deer Antler:

Has been known to stimulate Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1), which in turn stimulates Human Growth Factor (HGH). In English, this means that velvet deer antler can help to speed the healing process by rebuilding tissues. This includes bones, connective tissues, and even lean muscle mass! As if this wasnt intriguing enough, our formula also contains the purest and most potent form of velvet deer antler on the market.

I know, this sounds great already, but there are far more ingredients in the formula that compliment the action of velvet deer antler very effectively:

●     Fucoidan:

An amazing stem cell stimulator. If youve ever had a VSEL treatment with us, you have taken this supplement to boost your circulating regenerative cells before we drew your blood! Fucoidan is derived from a type of brown seaweed that is frequently found in Japan and is specifically consumed highly in Okinawa, where people live the longest and healthiest lives in the world. Fucoidan supports the immune system and has anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-viral properties.

●     Pterostilbene:

Derived from resveratrol: one of the best anti-aging supplements around! Pterostilbene can help lower cholesterol, blood pressure, improve memory, and even prevent cancer.

●     Carnosine:

An amino acid with antioxidant properties that also promotes the health of the eyes, brain and heart.

●     Black Raspberry Extract:

An antioxidant that is instrumental in promoting chromosomal health.

●     Rhodiola:

An herb that is a great mood booster, promotes mental stamina, reduces the stress hormone cortisol, and even combats depression.

●     AstraGin:

Decreases intestinal inflammation and promotes a healthy gut lining.

●     Blueberry Extract:

Added to the formula to promote heart health, decrease inflammation, and even add a great blueberry taste!

This formula is amazing for anyone looking to feel stronger, speed up their recovery time after an injury, procedure, or even after daily exercise! Stem Cell Activator is an excellent addition to any supplement regimen for anyone!

Disclaimer: due to the potency and nature of the mechanism of action of the active ingredients, please discuss the use of this product with your healthcare provider and use caution with any history of cancer or hormonal balance.


Nurse Bella


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