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The Cupid and Venus shots are for sexual wellness in men and women, respectively. This blog will discuss the Cupid ShotTM. In the near future, we will have a blog concerning the Venus shot.

The Cupid Shot for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is totally unlike the typical PRP shot for Erectile Dysfunction. Cupid is the Roman god of desire, erotic love, and attraction. Without warning, he selects his targets and forcefully strikes at their hearts bringing confusion and irrepressible feelings.

The Cupid Shot will usher in a paradigm shift in the treatment of ED with Regenerative Medicine. When the usual treatment modalities in ED fail, many times the patient is given a PRP injection. The PRP is rich in growth factors, which may help the problem of ED. Most ED problems result from a lack of an adequate blood supply in the region of the Penis. The lack of blood supply can be caused by many different reasons including diabetes and a host of other conditions. The Penis is most susceptible to changes in its microvasculature given the fact that Penile arteries have the smallest diameter of the vascular network. We must understand that the vasculature system can self-renew itself. This self-renewal is supplied by a continuous supply of circulating endothelial progenitor cells.

There are a number of growth factors that come into play when dealing with ED. These growth factors are present in a PRP product, but typically more prominent in bone marrow aspirate. The significant difference between bone marrow aspirate and PRP boils down to the progenitor cells. These are the cells that help establish a blood supply. There are very few of these cells in a PRP preparation. On the other hand, bone marrow aspirate is fairly rich in these progenitor cells. Therein lies one huge difference between a PRP preparation and Bone marrow preparation.

We have used some propriety methods for the not only obtaining, but also processing of the both the PRP and Bone Marrow. This gives a totally unique set of weapons to improve the symptoms associated with ED. We are trying to correct more upstream issues connected with ED. It all boils down to circulation or lack of it. We are acutely aware that bone marrow has shown great promise in cardiac problems by increasing vessel producing endothelial cells. The bone marrow serves as a continuous supply of circulating endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) for the systemic vasculature. We have methods to increase the numbers of cells released by the marrow, as well as methods to increase the cells when harvesting bone marrow. PRP, on the other hand, has little in the way of stem cells to stimulate the circulation. This represents the second major difference between bone marrow aspirate and PRP.

Not only will we use biologics from the patient, but we will utilize signaling molecules that will help to correct long standing problems. These biologics are also called cytokines. They give direction to the cells, influencing their genes to subsequently influence their surroundings, ultimately increasing vascularity.  Thus, we can see that in the Cupid shot we are addressing the vascular problems with a three-prong approach.

First, we will increase the number of circulating progenitor cells released from the bone marrow. This is accomplished by some specific supplements, specific cytokine formulas delivered by both an oral and a transdermal route. This will hopefully result in more robust numbers of cells released from the bone marrow, allowing for a richer harvest.

Second, we are employing a propriety approach to bone marrow aspirate by utilizing a hybrid marrow product. This marrow product consists of both a centrifuged and non-centrifuged component. Both marrow components are subsequently subjected to photo modulation. Realize, also, that the bone marrow aspirate contains PRP.

There are other aspects of our treatment, such as various supplements. We have vetted these supplements from different sources. These supplements will sustain and enhance the process.

We feel that this multi-prong approach can deliver success that is not seen with typical ED treatments. With our program for treating ED, like all of our treatment programs, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting-edge of the cutting-edge.


– Dr. P

(The Cupid Shot and the Venus Shot are registered trademarks of Joe Purita, MD and Institute of Regenerative Medicine. Unauthorized use is prohibited by law.)


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