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Hormesis Could Add Years to Your Life and Make Stem Cell Procedures More Effective

I recently read a fascinating article on Inside Hook’s website that I wanted to share some insights from. The article tackles issues that are very important for the fields of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. One of the more profound statements from the piece that has stuck with me is this one: “Some of the most effective anti-aging efforts take place outside of the lab, and boil down to thoughtful lifestyle adjustments.”

The focus of the article is on the Hormesis Effect. I became aware of the Hormesis Effect quite some time ago. Hormesis is defined as a dose-response phenomenon characterized by low-dose stimulation and high-dose inhibition, which can border upon toxicity. In layman’s terms, “hormesis occurs when the body experiences a concentrated period of intense pressure.”

One thing to keep in mind is that a small amount of stress is very beneficial, while a larger amount can be detrimental. This article discusses the effective hormetic responses the body has to a variety of self-induced strategies, from intermittent fasting and exercise to intermittent hypoxia training and even heat/cold therapy.

We have applied some of these same principles to our regenerative cell procedures, such as exposing the cells to cold temperatures (4 degrees centigrade and hypoxia).

This is an excellent beginner article for people who are not that familiar with the topic of hormesis, but want to learn more about it and at the same time learn how to improve their health!


– Dr. P

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