The One Trick You Need to Nail Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

The holidays are upon us and the New Year is coming. Unfortunately, most people will wait another week or so to begin whatever resolution or healthy habit they want to start in 2023. But I would counter that plan with this question:

Why wait for January 1st to begin your new healthy habits? Start now! This way you can give yourself momentum heading into the New Year (even a few days matter when it comes to forming new habits).

Also, this gives you time to pivot. Everyone talks about New Year’s Resolutions in January, and if you join in on that mindset, you might feel compelled to continue with things that aren’t working for you for another day or week.

But starting now gives you time to determine if your goals are what you want to focus on in the coming year. If you want to lose weight in 2023, do you want to pack on the pounds at the end of 2022? Starting on your new goals now gives you time to start slowly because the truth is that cold turkey isn’t fun or sustainable.

You’re not a light switch, and you can’t simply turn your habits on and off. You need time to slowly ease into your desired changes, which makes starting now a great idea!

And here’s how to do it:

Think About Your Goals

What are your goals for 2023? Having a list you can return to can help you get things done that are important to you.

Create a Plan

The key to your plans for this holiday season and the year beyond is to make them realistic and specific. Instead of setting a goal such as “get healthier,” try to set a goal such as cutting out meat one meal per week and adding more veggies. Or increase the distance of your runs every week so that you can run that 5K in June. As long as it’s specific enough, you can plan for and set yourself up for success.

Just Do It

Now that you have goals and a plan, take steps toward meeting them! Why wait until January 1st to set things in motion? Let’s be honest; how many years have you made New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s Day, only to have them fizzle out by Valentine’s Day? No judgment, we’ve all been there, but you may want to find a different approach this time. That approach could be to start right now!

Be Nice to Yourself

I will give you a dose of realness: You’re not perfect. No one is. We set goals for ourselves with the best intentions but sometimes fall short. That’s OK. Especially with the holiday season approaching, it’s challenging. You will sometimes miss your goals, but don’t beat yourself up when that happens.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re making an effort and working on goals that mean something to you.

Give Yourself Credit

When you acknowledge and appreciate your small achievements, it will help you to get motivated to succeed and commit to the one ultimate goal that requires a longer time to reach.


Setting goals is simply acknowledging what you hope to achieve. Take time to get clear on your goals, and don’t think a singular, broad goal will keep you motivated.

It’s OK to start with a general goal, such as losing weight or lowering your LDL, but what other little goals or milestones do you want to set up? Think of these smaller goals as your roadmap toward your bigger goal.

Main Goal: Losing weight /Specific Amount of Weight

Smaller Goals:

• Increasing water intake

• Exercising daily

• Practicing self-care daily

• Meal planning

Starting with smaller goals and adding new goals every week will lead you toward losing weight.

The SMART way of goal setting:

Specific: Make sure to narrow your goals; know EXACTLY what you want to achieve.

Measurable: make your goals meaningful or motivating; so you can measure success along the way.

Achievable: keep your goals realistic; losing 50 pounds in 30 days is NOT realistic or achievable

Relevant: are your goals reasonable and results-based? Are they important to YOU?

Timely: are these goals timely for you right NOW, or are these goals you set for yourself ten years ago?

Always remember that if your goal is weight loss, you are not making a diet change – you are making a lifestyle change.

Think about changing your daily habits into healthy ones that you can manage for years, take back control over your time, attention, and your body, and get ready for 2023.


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