The Perfect IV for Younger Looking Skin

We’re near the end of the summer and if you’ve been spending time outside with friends and family, you likely have a nice tan. Maybe you’ve been playing golf or tennis, or relaxing by the beach or on a boat… However you enjoy getting sun, fall is around the corner and that clean, healthy glow may slowly start to subside. In addition, some of the damage brought on by being in the sun too long (yes, even if you wear sunscreen) may rear its ugly head: mottled skin, uneven skin, color differentiation, increased wrinkles…

If you’re looking for a way to preserve your healthy sheen and combat the signs of skin damage and aging, a specialized IV for skin repair is your answer.

The ultimate skin repair IV includes:


Vitamin C, as you know, is a super vitamin. It does everything from boost your immunity, increase your energy, protect against a variety of cancers and diseases and everything in between. It also has a major influence on your healthy skin due to its ability to aid in collagen production and fight free radicals.


The B Vitamin complex is a staple ingredient in many IVs, vitamins and even energy drinks. It can help improve mood, performance and focus. It also aids in the production of healthy skin cells.


When you think of zinc your mind may immediately drift towards its immunity improving and cold fighting properties. But zinc is also critical to your skin, as it is a known inflammation fighter and supports the growth of healthy tissue.


If you aren’t familiar with lysine, it is a building block in the body for collagen production. Collagen, as you know, is produced to help keep your skin strong, supple and healthy.


Glutathione is made up of a combination of three amino acids: glycine, glutamine and cysteine. Together, they form what’s known as a tripeptide. This tripeptide is bursting with power as it circulates throughout your body. It detoxifies, helps defend against chronic illness, and when it comes to your skin, it’s a strong ally. Glutathione works against inflammation, meaning it clears free radicals that may damage your skin and cause unwanted signs of aging. It also repairs damaged cells, leaving you with stronger hair and skin.

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