Why NAD+ Is An Impactful Inflammation Fighter

I recently came across an article I’d like to share that discusses the relationship between NAD+ and inflammation, especially how it can affect patients dealing with Covid-19.

One of the main authors of the article is Dr. David Sinclair, the renowned scientist who heads the Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School. He is considered one of the leading experts in the anti-aging field.  

In this article, the authors discuss the relationships between low NAD+ levels and risk factors for poor Covid-19 outcomes. This correlation does not come as any surprise to us because one important aspect of NAD+ is that it seems to contribute to the resolution of inflammation.

It does this by affecting the sirtuins, which are pathways in the body that can have dramatic effects on many different genes. It can also diminish the effects on a certain pathway in the body called the NFkB pathway.  

This pathway is the major pathway in the body that causes inflammation. Increased inflammation in the body is a major cause of significant symptoms from Covid-19 but also is associated with a myriad of diseases. The evidence is anecdotal that NAD+ seems to help inflammation and possibly lessen the symptoms with a Covid-19 infection.  

I think one might expand that line of reasoning to many other disease processes. I, for one, am willing to hedge my bets. I am a strong believer in NAD+. As a matter of fact, just before writing this short piece I finished my 500 mg dose of intravenous NAD+ treatment.  

Thus, I rest my case.  

Oh, I would like to add one more tidbit. Just before taking the NAD+ I received IV methylene blue to dramatically increase the NAD+ effect and it worked!  

That will be the subject of another article!

-Dr. P



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