Why the Definition of “Longevity” Matters

I recently came across an article that attempts to get to the very essence of longevity and it begins by asking a simple question:

What is a clear, universal definition of the term ‘longevity’?

When you stop to think about it, this is a very intriguing question. As the article points out, the answer is not straightforward because a lot depends on who is asking the question and who is giving the answer.  

In this piece, the staff at Longevity.Technology has come up with some good answers. They have defined the three targets of longevity and created four pillars of longevity intervention. They have even made a graphic incorporating the longevity pillars, drivers and domains. This helps put the whole field into perspective and gives us clues on how to attack these problems.

I am glad to say we are addressing the three targets of longevity in our state-of-the-art PUR-FORM clinic on a number of different levels and we are constantly on the lookout to change determinants by tackling our patients’ lifestyle and environment.  

What I am most excited about, however, is how we continue to devise revolutionary treatments for what this article describes as aging drivers, meaning, the biological and chemical reactions that determine how and why we age.

I may sound like a broken record, but the pathways in our body determine how and why we age. Controlling or influencing these pathways can make all the difference in our aging. As the article states, these pathways are linked to each other. These pathways include IGF-1, the Sirtuins, mTOR, FOXO, and AMPK.  

Fortunately, we have a number of different methods of attacking these pathways, like EBO2 treatment, which provides a host of longevity effects.  

The same can be said for our high-tech cryotherapy chamber, our red light therapy and infrared sauna treatments, and our menu of a variety of intravenous supplements. As pointed out in the article, these modalities are all part of the four pillars of longevity intervention.

The first pillar the article discusses is ‘prevention’. At PUR-FORM, we’re on the leading edge of prevention with our nurse practitioner Carissa Raver, who anchors our functional medicine department. Carissa’s depth of knowledge about how the human body functions holistically allows her to spot common problems before they develop. Couple that with a variety of tests she has at her disposal, and when it comes to eliminating chronic pain, improving mood and boosting energy, we’ve got you covered.

This spills over into the second pillar of longevity, which involves diagnostics.  

Longevity diagnostics may include a variety of tests spanning multiple different fields, from simple X-rays to a whole battery of blood tests.  

The third pillar involves the treatment aspect of longevity. Many times, this is where I also get involved. Perhaps the patient needs a regenerative medicine procedure of a joint or treatment for an autoimmune condition. Perhaps a patient wishes to reduce inflammation in the body to reduce “inflammaging”. These treatments can include VSELs procedures, EBO2, autologous regenerative cells, IV solutions and other modalities which I have mentioned and which we will add.  

The final pillar is “renewal,” which is what we are ultimately aiming for.  

We want to prevent and reverse aging — full stop. The treatments and modalities we offer at PUR-FORM will accomplish these goals in many unique ways. In addition, we have a full aesthetics division led by our exciting new physician’s assistant, Emily Carr, for those looking to enhance their beauty and grace as they age.  

– Dr. P              


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