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Community Spotlight – Annie Cooper’s Tune Into Fitness

In the competitive world of fitness and entrepreneurship, Annie Cooper, owner of Tune Into Fitness, has carved out a niche as a difference maker, blending athleticism and training with business acumen to inspire countless individuals on their wellness journey. From a former track and field star coached by her father to a seasoned fitness influencer coaching others, Cooper embodies the spirit of determination and passion for helping others become their best self..

“I grew up playing a ton of different sports,” she says. “My main one was track and field and my dad was my coach. When I was in high school, there was a time I needed to beat to be able to run in college, which was one of my goals.”

Cooper ran the 800 meters and 1-mile race in track and the 5k in cross country. With her eyes set on racing in college, a pivotal moment in her life took place when she began doing her own homework on how to train and optimize performance.

“I got really into researching how to get faster,” Cooper explains. “What to eat. How to train. All of it.” 

Through relentless research and self-experimentation, she crafted a strength training regimen and embraced clean eating, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of disciplined training. Once she got to her senior year, she achieved her breakthrough, hitting the desired time at a crucial meet. 

This success propelled her into collegiate athletics, initially at the University of Florida before transferring to Florida Atlantic University. It was during this time that her entrepreneurial spirit began to take shape, bolstered by an unexpected opportunity to venture into personal training.

“I was working out and someone that owned a personal training company asked if I wanted to train people in person,” she says. “They knew I was an athlete and thought I’d be good at it so I took them up on their offer. Then I started an Instagram page for fun and posted my progress. I started selling meal plans and at the same time I was doing bikini and bodybuilding competitions. After three years of running track in college, I quit and went all in on starting my business in training. By the time I graduated I had people I was training in person and online.”

In addition, Cooper got tired of recommending other people’s fitness products and sending people to Amazon to buy them, so she took a major leap and decided to found her own company.

“I started a business called Fitccessory,” she says, recounting the genesis of her foray into business. “I sell yoga mats and resistance bands and things like that.”

All of her products are eco-friendly and use hemp, in addition to being motivational. Every item is emblazoned with her mantra: “You got this!”

Despite encountering initial challenges, including a steep learning curve and trial-and-error processes, Cooper persevered, fueled by a genuine passion for her craft. 

“My first two years with my business I did everything wrong,” she admits. 

However, the invaluable lessons learned from working with high-profile clients who became her de facto mentors propelled her forward, leading her to expand her reach beyond Instagram into podcasts and modeling, including deals with major brands like Lululemon.

“I interview a lot of entrepreneurs and athletes on my podcast,” she says of her show, On Track with Annie Cooper. “I talk to them about how they get what they want out of life. We talk about mindset, motivation, personal development and the goal is to empower listeners to pursue their goals.”

In addition to her fitness brand, her modeling, her Instagram page and her podcast, Cooper’s bread and butter is still training people one-on-one to help them reach their fitness peak.

“I work mostly with busy individuals aged 35-55 looking to optimize their fitness routines efficiently,” she says. “Many of my clients are ex-athletes or people who are used to working out but now can’t find the time and need some guidance or accountability. My job is to keep them motivated and help them train efficiently for their schedule and the desired results that they want.”

She currently has between 35 and 40 one-on-one clients, along with thousands of clients who use her training app as well.

Between her personal clients, her equipment business, her podcast, modeling and more, Annie Cooper is the ultimate modern fitness entrepreneur, giving people wellness, fitness and motivational guidance across a variety of platforms.

You can follow her on Instagram here and listen to her podcast here. And for a limited time, Annie is offering a free consult that you can schedule now here.

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