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Community Spotlight – Jillian Sutton’s Jilly Fit Foodie

Jillian Sutton has prepared meals and nutrition plans for UFC champions, NBA stars, swimsuit models and more – and now with her South Florida company, Jilly Fit Foodie, she’s in the business of preparing foods for you!

“I’ve been in the wellness space for fifteen years,” Jillian says, tracing her journey back to her early twenties working at “It was amazing and I found my passion for health and wellness while I was there. That was the first time I had the opportunity to transform people’s lives.”

However, Jillian’s true calling lay in nutrition rather than supplements, setting the stage for what would become a lifelong culinary pursuit to serve people the freshest, highest quality and most nutritious meals possible.

Partnering with her husband, Jillian ventured into the world of meal prep about a decade ago and experienced resounding success for six years until the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19 led to its closure. And yet, the adversity opened doors to a new opportunity and a new calling.

“During COVID, my clients reached out to me to see if I could do private chef work just for them,” Jillian recounts. Thus, her journey into personalized nutrition began. At first she did a lot of one-on-one work, including working on boats, at lake houses and even in the Bahamas!

“I love what I do now because it’s a much more concierge approach to wellness and nutrition,” Jillian enthuses, highlighting the intimacy and individualized care she provides to her clients. “My clients can text me and say, ‘I have surgery coming up, and I need to focus on this’, and I can help them prepare with the proper nutrition.”

This hands-on, personalized approach defines Jillian’s service, extending even to the youngest members of her clientele. “I’m like a private chef but I’m not in your home,” she says, emphasizing the personal nature of her offerings. “I have a mom who I cook for her two-year-old. I have families who order twenty meals a week, plus snacks and smoothies and healthy desserts.”

Each week, Jillian crafts a new menu, meticulously curated to meet her clients’ dietary preferences and wellness goals. “My menu changes weekly,” she says, ensuring variety and nutrition in every bite. And the difference between her service and some of the industrial meal prep companies goes way beyond taste.

“After a few weeks of my meals, people tell me they have more energy,” she says. “They’ll say they have less cravings, that they’re more satisfied. Or that they finally reached their goal weight.”

The reason for these results is that her approach extends beyond meal preparation and delves into quality and individualization. As a certified health coach, Jillian emphasizes bio-individuality, steering clients away from calorie counting and towards overall wellness. 

“I want to steer people away from worrying about calories,” she says. “I tell my clients, forget about the macros. That’s my job. You worry about your career or your family. I’ll take care of the nutrition and food.”

From shopping around for the freshest produce to personally preparing each meal, Jillian ensures unwavering quality and attention to detail. “I handpick my own produce,” she reveals, highlighting her commitment to excellence. “I’ll go to all the local markets when I’m preparing my menu. I need to be able to see and feel the ingredient that I’m buying to cook with. And I think my clients find value in that.”

Another area where Jillian separates herself from other meal prep companies is that for most of her competitors, people have no idea where the food is actually prepared. When it comes to Jillian’s meals, you know exactly where they’re made: her own kitchen!

“I find so much more value in doing it from my own home and my own kitchen,” she says. “I have one person who comes in to help me with prep and clean-up, but other than that, if you’re buying meals from me, they’re actually from me..”

With Jillian, she focuses not only on top quality ingredients, but she keeps an eye on foods that will help keep her clients healthy, improve their lives and bolster their longevity. She even aims for foods that are anti-inflammatory and avoids menu items with gluten or dairy because they cause inflammation in many people.

“I want the meals to be lean protein, healthy carbs, and timed correctly,” she says. “I use healthy fats and foods with high fiber. I want people to love their food and know that everything in it is beneficial to them.”

Taking the stress of eating healthy out of her clients hands is one of her favorite parts of her job. The other is how positively she is impacting people’s lives.

“I find it really rewarding because diet culture can be so toxic at times and people end up having a poor relationship with food,” she says.

With Jilly Fit Foodie, she’s helping people fall in love with nutritious foods one meal at a time.

You can learn more about Jilly Fit Foodie on her website, and use code: “Purform” for $25 off your first order!

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