6 Functional Medicine Techniques to Improve Your Mood ASAP

Have you been feeling moody this holiday season? Too many obligations? Temperamental? Or just plain worn out? Whatever you want to call those unpredictable changes in behavior, functional medicine is likely to have a few helpful hacks to get you feeling like yourself again!

Here are 6 quick fixes you can focus on to shake up your behavior and get you out of your funk:

  1. Break Bad Habits by Breaking Extremes

Our behavior has a significant impact on our overall mood and wellbeing. Perhaps you’re eating too much or too little? Or maybe you’re eating too much – or not enough. One thing to keep in mind is that too much or too little of something will cause an imbalance in your body, leading to unhappiness and a poor mood. If you think sleep is the problem, start a journal. You’ll quickly know if you need more or less. Same with food.

  1. Change Your Environment

One of the fastest ways to feel crummy is to spend too much time indoors on your screen. Want a quick way to feel better? Get outside. Get sunshine. You’ll see. It works!

  1. Eat Healthier

Another common cause of getting the blues is eating too much sugar and processed foods. Try one day where you only eat foods with one ingredient. Steel cut oatmeal. Bananas. Chicken. Broccoli. You’ll see a major difference without all those sugar spikes and seed oils in your body.

  1. Exercise Now

Exercise is our natural endorphin booster. Feel tired? Depressed? Go for a walk. Or a swim. Or try a HIIT workout. Your body will thank you.

  1. Find a Community

It’s easy in our modern age of Netflix and screens to spend too much time alone. No matter how much of an introvert you are, humans are social creatures. Get out of the house. Go join a club. Meet friends. Nothing boosts your mood like good times with people you care about.

  1. Get Adequate Sleep

Crummy sleep habits might be the number one reason you feel tired or depressed. Try committing to getting 8+ hours of sleep three nights in a row. No distractions. No TV. Really focus on getting that quality quiet time in bed. The results will astound you.

Our functional medicine providers at our Boca Raton facility address each one of these topics on an individual level to discuss realistic and achievable goals during one of their in-depth consultations.


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